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Rapid meals chains most popular fast food restaurants

Rapid meals chains


Tens of millions of American citizens devour at speedy meals chains each day, and there are extra speedy meals eating places to be had than ever ahead of. 

From pad Thai to burgers, there’s a quick meals eating place that can curb any yearning. With all of those alternatives to be had in the US, which speedy meals chains are the most well liked? 

In response to knowledge from QSR Mag, listed below are the highest 10 hottest speedy meals eating places in the US in accordance with 2019 gross sales. 


Best 10 Maximum Common Rapid Meals Chains in USA 

In response to QSR Mag’s knowledge, which lists the 50 best speedy meals chains in the US, the most important speedy meals chains generated over $200 billion in income in 2019 on my own. However how did those speedy meals chains stack up in opposition to every different? 

Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at the highest 10 speedy meals chains in 2019. 


Corporate Class U.S. Gross sales, Billions (2019)

McDonald’s Burger $40.41

Starbucks Snack $21.55

Chick-fil-A Hen $11.00

Taco Bell International $11.00

Burger King Burger $10.30

Subway Sandwich $10.00

Wendy’s Burger $9.87

Dunkin Donut Snack $9.22

Domino’s Pizza $7.10

Panera Bread Sandwich $5.93

It’s no marvel that McDonald’s is primary at the checklist with over $40 billion in income. You’ll be able to see from the chart above that they made just about double what Starbucks made, the second one hottest speedy meals chain in the US in accordance with gross sales. 


Best Promoting Classes for Rapid Meals Chains

From the score, you’ll see that American citizens nonetheless love McDonald’s. However, basically, are burgers the most well liked speedy meals class merchandise? 

most popular fast food item

Burgers are the most well liked

The fast solution is sure. Burgers are the most well liked speedy meals merchandise. Right here’s a handy guide a rough take a look at how hen, pizza, burgers, and different speedy meals pieces measured up in 2019 in accordance with income: 

Class Earnings

Burgers $81.6B

Snack $36.3B

Hen $27.2B

Sandwich $26.4B

International $22.8B

Pizza $20.4B

Burgers are nonetheless the most well liked speedy meals chains amongst American citizens – 14 of the 50 speedy meals chains at the checklist discussed above are burger eating places and feature a collective gross sales of $80 billion. 

The snack class got here in 2d position, with a collective income of $36 billion. The snack class is composed of iced espresso, ice cream, and donuts, and 6 eating places are at the best 50 speedy meals chains in the US checklist. 

The sandwich and hen classes each have 9 eating places at the checklist. However, hen eating places outsold sandwiches through round $1 billion because of Chick-fil-A making up greater than a 3rd of all gross sales for hen eating places within the score. 


How 2020 Impacted Rapid Meals Chains

Gross sales Chart

Whilst the quick meals trade suffered in 2020, speedy meals chains nonetheless had a greater 12 months than maximum industries. 

The highest 500 speedy meals chains in the US, in step with the foodservice analysis corporate Technomic, continued round an 8 p.c income loss in 2020, which is far smaller than their impartial and dine-in competition. A few of these speedy meals chains even noticed a expansion of their revenues! 

The income expansion might be because of advances in a virtual presence and environment friendly, contactless transactions. All of that have been extraordinarily vital all through the pandemic. 


Nearer Have a look at One of the vital Best Rapid Meals Chains

Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at one of the best speedy meals chains at the checklist above. This phase additionally appears at 2020 scores as a result of whilst maximum issues stayed the similar, one speedy meals chain made strides to overcome the contest. 



The recognition of McDonald’s is unshakeable. The most important speedy meals chain stays the most well liked speedy meals eating place in the US in accordance with gross sales. Folks know a McDonald’s eating place through the golden arches they see when using down the street. 



Starbucks is the second one hottest speedy meals chain in the US, although it noticed important losses in 2020 – greater than 13 p.c in gross sales losses in 2020 on my own. Then again, it’s nonetheless a lot more standard than its festival: Dunkin’. 



This Atlanta-based speedy meals chain is still one of the vital best eating places in the US, striking 3rd in 2019. Chick-fil-A serves the most well liked hen pieces in the US in comparison to its competition KFC, Wingstop, and Popeyes. 


Taco Bell

Taco Bell is quantity 4 at the checklist. It lasted in the course of the pandemic of 2020 with a nil p.c alternate in profits because of innovation with their menu and environment friendly contactless transactions. 



Wendy’s is quantity seven at the 2019 checklist, however in 2020, it ranked quantity 5, beating out Burger King and Subway. Wendy’s is now thought to be the second one hottest burger chain in the US after McDonald’s, which might be because of the release in their breakfast menu. 


Ultimate Ideas

The highest 10 hottest speedy meals chains in the US in accordance with gross sales in 2019 are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, Dunkin’, Domino’s, and Panera Bread. 

In the US, other folks love burger eating places. Burger eating places are the most well liked speedy meals pieces and can proceed to be the most well liked for years, because of the number 1 favourite speedy meals chain McDonald’s. 

American citizens love the benefit of speedy meals eating places as a result of if they’ve a yearning, they may be able to discover a speedy meals eating place chain that can repair that yearning briefly and affordably. So, it’s no surprise that speedy meals chains make up over $200 billion in income in america! 

Those speedy meals chains noticed adjustments in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, however maximum may keep in the similar place at the score checklist. Then again, one speedy meals chain made strides and beat out the contest to rank two spots upper in 2020 than they did in 2019, and that will be Wendy’s.  

It’s going to be extraordinarily fascinating to look how briskly meals chains in america ranked in 2021 when the ratings pop out! Will a fried hen eating place ruin the highest 10? Will Dairy Queen’s ice cream push it to the highest? Or will pizza puts, like Pizza Hut or Papa John’s, make a transfer? We’ll have to attend to determine.

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